8th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition Launch

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By: Jawaher Al Kuwari, Head of the Advisory Committee, Design Creationz

Today I am proud to represent Design Creationz in the launch of the 8th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition  – a bold and inspired vision to shape the agenda for the Arabian fashion in Qatar, the region and the international arena.

It is with a great sense of pride that Design Creationz has been entrusted by QTA to carry out this project. We at Design Creationz believe in the personal interpretation of fashion and we applaud our participating designers in embodying their unique personality in each beautiful piece of Arabian clothing they produce.

Qatar aspires to become the regional hub for the Arabian fashion, delivering the best platform for region’s designers. Qatar Tourism Authority has been instrumental in securing just this, while at the same time, supporting and promoting Qatar’s private sector.

It is very encouraging to see local designers promoting traditional Arabian fashion threads. We are witnessing the growth of a culture that is incorporating fashion and style into its tradition, while at the same time remaining close to its roots.

Seeing Heya’s evolution throughout the years has been a fascinating journey. It opened the market for Qatari and regional fashion designers to get creative in translating Arabian culture and tradition into their creations.

In the 8th edition of Heya, we expect to host up to 345 Qatari and regional designers and an increase in fashion shows. Launching new visitor campaigns will allow us to captivate and draw in visitors from the Gulf and across the region. Some of our other exciting additions include fashion forums, new gourmet cafes and eateries, and hands-on workshops. These changes among others in store are expected to attract some 15,000 visitors to the six-day event.

Our aim is to transform Heya into a platform that will attract regional and international designers, fashion buyers, and visitors from all spheres of life, while fostering new and coming talents. Our goal is to build a strong and effective international Arabian fashion design platform that will be at the heart of the country’s national tourism vision.

Qatar’s National Tourism Sector Strategy is clear and ties with the 2030 National Strategy. It must fit local tradition and moral values, it must align with the National Agenda, it must create a positive economic impact, it must be environmentally responsible. Through bringing 8th Heya to the stage we aim to meet those goals and contribute to the growth and success of this nation.

Heya represents the spirit and motivation that drives the traditional Arab culture into the international sphere of fashion.

This could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of the talented Design Creationz team. It is those same people who have been involved in developing the 8th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition, and who will ensure its success.

We would like to thank His Highness and QTA for their vision, commitment, leadership and utmost support.

Dear guests, thank you for being here with us tonight and for supporting the 8th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition.

We look forward to welcoming you in November for a full week of captivating Arabian fashion design.